Tips for Cartoon Drawing Ideas. The character attack process of the character is often full of obstacles. It would help if you had a lot of creative thinking to create your character from scratch, although many famous cartoons, advertising, and movie characters seem without complications. Many efforts and skills are exercised to make them effective.

From the famous hands to three fingers of the mouse (for the acceleration of production, when it was developed for animations for the first time in the 1920s), it has always been easy to maintain to create the elegant simplicity of Homer Simpson.

Don’t miss the magic

Many character designers start their projects with a sketch. And most approval designers agree. It is often where the character’s essence is captured. So if you work your design, make sure you don’t miss this magic. I try to stay on my original design style because instinct is cleaning it. I don’t like to feel like characters have created me.

You will not be captured in detail if you start your character’s design. Decide what you indicate to communicate and create dissolved sketches with exercise, action, and river. As soon as you start tightening the design, you automatically lose some dynamics, so it’s essential having the same life in the first possible stages. The movement is everything, but it is impossible to add later, so make sure it is in the initial sketch.

Step from the reference material

While inspiration must come somewhere, the goal is to create something original. So Robert Wallace-known as parallel teeth – proposes not to have the reference material directly in front of you when he works.

If you look at something, and then try it and remember that you remember in your head when you finish at the end, rather than something. You can see the new acquisition of Top Wallace on fame’s favorite holidays created for a department store in Hong Kong.

Search for other characters

For instructions, it may be helpful to deconstruct because some character designs work and why some are not. There is no lack of research material to be found with illustrated characters that occur everywhere: on television machines, cereal boxes, signs of shops, adhesives on fruits, animations on mobile phones, and more. He studies these figures drawing ideas cartoons and thinks about what happened and what he likes in particular.

If you work with the characters, you must be inspired, and you can do it through the research. Your mind is a visual library you can fill. Try to notice the people around them – while they go, their gestures as you dress – and use them in their design.

Don’t miss the eyes of the original idea

It is to be easy to unconscious our favorite designs concern us. Cornelia Geppert, CEO of Indie Games Studio Jo-Mei, is a great fan of The Last Guardian, with his unique aesthetics and excellent design video game character.

One of their team members had their say they say that their sea of ​​loneliness design was a bit too similar to The Last Guardian as research. She looked back to their original work of art and brought her feeling when their creation. The project returned to the right way.



The characteristic features of The Exaguring Character Design will help the greatest aspect of life. Exaggerated features will also help the public identify the character of the essential elements. Exaggeration is the key to caricature cartoons and helps to emphasize some sections of the personality. If your character is strong, it is not enough to give normal protruding large weapons; she pulls the soup so that they should be five times bigger.

Decide who your Character Design

Think of your audience. Character Design in children depends. For example, they are generally designed to provide base forms and bright colors. If you work for a customer, the nature of the target group is usually specified, as explained by Australian artist Nathan Jurevicius.

On behalf of the Character Design, they are generally restrictive, but not for this less creative. They have, but special needs customers want me to do Mein, Ding’zu. In general, I will break the fundamental functions and personality. If the eyes are essential, I focus all the construction around the face so that the main feature stands out.

Make your character unmistakably

If you create a monkey, robot, or monster, you can ensure that this is a hundred similar, similar creations there will be. Your Character Design needs to be solid and engaging visually to get people’s attention.

Matt Groening knew you had to offer the public something different when the Simpsons conception. It is assumed that if the television channels were leafing through and the show was born, the unusually bright yellow skin color would attract their attention.

Create clear silhouettes

Another good way to delete your character and improve his attitude is to turn it into a silhouette. Then you can see how the sign is the law and if you make the gesture. Did you understand the sense of the character and see the action line? Can things be simplified? Try not to overlap everything and keep the limbs separate.

Develop an action line

An important aspect when a character design creates is the action line. It is the direction of your defined character and a helpful narrative tool to bring a sense of movement.

Try to bring the action line from the ends. A dancer is a good example: they underline the line from the tip of the feet to the fingertips. The sequence of action is also easier to see in nature with fewer limbs because the sirens are an ideal subject for developing a strong line of action.