I first thought of Instagram Stories and (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) how I could drive traffic to this channel. But then, I updated Instagram. I was amazed at how many updates Instagram had released. You won’t see the most recent updates if you don’t update Instagram. This tutorial will be as practical as usual. Grab your iPhone and follow me while you read. More info

Instagram Stories

Reading my previous post, you can learn more about Instagram Stories or search for inspiration (using helpful stories in practice). When you have a lot of ideas, it is time to get to work.

GEO Links

Sharing more user-generated content (UGC) is the best way to increase brand engagement. If you leave you geotag in Stories, and people tap on it to see all photos taken in your area, they will be able to view them all. Encourage UGC content as real photos and reviews are better than self-promotion.

Tag Your Profile

Register your account. Why? Stories allow users to see all levels, so you want them to click on your product/service. Use a prominent @account to create great stories and attract people to your profile. Your last post should be about the deal you mentioned in Stories. This will help you tell your brand’s story to your customers, who will check out other company posts.

Ask to tag your profile

The great idea is to ask your followers to include you in their stories. Collaboration with influential people in your niche is excellent. This post explains more about this type of collaboration.

Swipe up

This feature, which allows you to add links to your Stories, has been popularized by Instagrammers for quite some time and is the best way to drive traffic to your website. It would be best if you showed them the “Swipe Up” option. Instagram lets you design Stories in many creative and unique ways. Check out the upper menu.

Stories are direct messages

Instagram has just launched this new feature. This medium has simplified the process of purchasing for your followers. They would have seen your Stories and liked your offer.

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Then they would go to your profile to PM (private message) you to make a purchase. Imagine how many leads this funnel lost! It’s easy! They love your offer and instantly contact you for more information.

Instagram Updates (July 2017)

Let’s now see which features you can use to make Instagram work more efficient and productive. These features apply to July 2017. Note: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

These three essential features are not difficult to learn, but they are important.

1. Switch to Business Account

Switching to a business account allows you to run ads and analytics and gain unique insights into your audience. Brands will find this a valuable feature as it allows them to learn more about their audience and include a CTA. You can also access analytics. comprar seguidores instagram portugal.

Tap the “Options” button on your profile. Select ‘Switch To Business Profile’ and then ‘Continue. Fill in the details and connect to your Facebook account. Click ‘Done to enjoy all the benefits of a business account.

2. All your Business and Personal Accounts can be Managed in One Click

It’s easy to manage multiple accounts. You don’t need to go into settings to switch accounts.

3. Contact Buttons

Add your contact information to make it easier for them to contact you, text you or get directions.

4. Check out the Posts You Liked

Instagram allows you to save all of your liked posts.

5. Archive your posts

This function is new to Instagram. Your style changes over time, and your feed may benefit from some updating. Although you can archive old photos to be available, they will not be visible on your page. Click on the image you wish to archive and click the Options button. Then click Archive. check now

Click on the Archive icon to see all archived posts.

6. Save Posts

Instagram offers the ability to browse your favourite posts. However, you can also bookmark specific posts.

7. Make collections

Your saved posts can be grouped. Saved Posts can be used to create new posts.

8. Hide Tagged Posts

Once you have been tagged, the image will automatically appear in your Photos of You tab. You can remove them by going to your tagged post and clicking on the idea you wish to hide.

9. Add a line break

When writing, you can’t use the ‘Enter” or ‘Return keys to create a new paragraph. To add a line break to a paragraph, click on the “123” key.

10. Browse Photos by Location

Photos tagged with a specific location can be seen in your feed. Click on the search icon to enter your location.

11. Check out the Activity of Accounts You Follow

You can see the most recent activity of people you follow on Instagram. You can see their current actions and comment on them.

12. Retire Commenting

Sometimes comments are unnecessary. You can disable comments on specific pictures by uploading them as usual, then go to Advanced Settings and turn off commenting.

13. Comment deleted

You can delete your comments and comments left by other users on your posts. Go to the position where the mention was made and swipe the statement.

Instagram Stories can help boost your business! While Instagram was once a limited social media marketing tool, its new features make it an essential tool in your SMM arsenal. Let’s get started!