While villas come with a lot of space, designing their interior calls for extra responsibility. The construction is a result of months of hard work, taking care of all the parts of the house and how they come together in the end. Villas specifically speak for the taste of the owner as they are custom-built in contrast to apartments. If you have a villa that you are willing to change the look of, make villa renovation easy with these expert tips. Remember that you must choose the interior design according to the space and built of your villa, and modify the suggestions accordingly.

Interior Design Ideas for Villas

Have a look at these simple yet helpful interior design tips that make life absolutely easy!

1. Utilize Space

Villas have a lot of space usually and give you room to create designs without worrying about the area. But, with such spaces, you need to be more careful as you don’t want to go overboard with the interior, neither you want to keep it very minimal. A nice balance of extravaganza and minimalism is only possible when you utilize the space properly. You need to take care of a few things while setting up your villa.

  • Furniture
  • Lights
  • Carpet
  • Lamps
  • Plants

These are the basics that take up space in your house. Furniture includes every piece of furniture you place in any corner of the house, so it must also be chosen very carefully.

2. Create an Open Kitchen

Open kitchens look utterly beautiful and modern in villas. They give a very chic feel to the overall interior of your villa with enhanced functionality to keep everything at your arm’s reach. You can keep both an open kitchen and a dirty kitchen as well, to do all the dirty work and keep it hidden. Open kitchens in beige, white, grey, and black are quite trending right now and give a contemporary look to the house. Add a dining table, or create shelves that double up as dining. We have a few more furniture ideas for you in the sections below.

3. Add Entertainment

The TV lounge is a vital part of any villa that you can design according to your family’s needs and preferences. While some houses might be complete with just a TV on the wall, others ask for more than that. If you have a spacious TV lounge and wish to place other entertainment options besides a TV, we suggest adding a console to one side of the TV wall panel and attach the LED on the other side. It gives you the flexibility to attach any other gadget or an additional screen to play games. You can also add a home theatre system and an L-shaped couch in the lounge for movies with the family.

4. Choose Furniture Smartly

As we said that villa renovation is about keeping it classy without adding a bunch of accessories, choosing the right furniture plays an important role. There are numerous eye-pleasing smart furniture options that are equally efficient. To reduce space usage in smaller rooms, try these smart furniture options.

  • Go for foldable tables and ironing stands.
  • Add bunk beds in rooms shared by siblings.
  • Use chairs with book storage under them.
  • Opt for compact tables with chairs.

5. Opt for sensor appliance

What’s a villa if it’s not a smart villa! The days are old when you had to get out of your chair to turn off the light or change the channel. Now everything is at one click only. Sensor appliances are the talk of the town and quite common in new villas being constructed. You can find anything you need from sensor light, fans, TVs, doors to Jacuzzis. Yes, you can fill up your bath without having to worry about the water being very hot or very cold.

6. Use accents

Lastly, don’t forget that furniture and walls are only going to good if the other elements of the villa complement each other. Add accents such as fancy lights, decoration pieces, and large mirrors in your villa for a more spacious and pretty look. Choose the colors that go well with your wall color and furniture. Gold, copper, white, rose gold, and beige are the preferred options for living rooms.


Villa renovation becomes hassle-free when you have maestros from Exotic Interior Studio to help you with the plan and choices for your villa. Connect to us today so we make sure that you select the right furniture, lights, accents, and wall themes to beautify your villa.