ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD was combined on June 22, 1998, by a social occasion of committed, experienced, and dynamic Bumiputera business visionary considering the Malaysian Government’s require a fast underpinning of Security Services. The vision is to transform into a trailblazer in the said field.

ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD really believes in the best. To ensure the smooth running of the movement, we in like manner keep a 24-hour noticing structure at our HQ in Kuala Lumpur. We are adequate with Mobile Radio Cars to back up our organizations and emergency response and through standard visits and audits to ensure to continue with significance in exercises.

The association has since become one of the greatest Malaysian security relationship with more than 13 branches arranged all through the country and in excess of 300 labor forces effectively serve all of the necessities of our clients.

We unequivocally acknowledge that our new corporate improvement support in districts associating with corporate checking and consultancy organizations will be of remarkable benefit to your respected relationship with capable organizations.

Today, the association has obtained conviction, reputation, and affirmation by the whole of its clients due to its speedy and most prominent organization conveyed.

He has started doing associations during the 1980s until he really entered this security organization industry that was extremely difficult of late. Starting as Operation Manager at Sasa Security Sdn Bhd, he ventures forward by setting up his security association in the wake of obtaining a lot of experiences with shift conditions. ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD existing was since Jun 22, 1998, and he as a Chairman with all his obligation and energy endeavored to push the association to a more elevated level by developing his branches time by time. Starting as of late, was approved to work all over Malaysia, and with his experiences, this association will be a fair competitor to this industry and help the Government to have a peaceful and congruity country.

Regulating Director:
She obtains the essential inclusion with this industry by joining Star Security Sdn Bhd as an Operation Manager and once as Managing Director at Delta Force Security Services Sdn Bhd for a long while. As Managing Director she has done all that she can in sharing considerations and all her expertise towards a fruitful association the chiefs in association and movement.

His massive association in administering the practical side has seen the association foster in every area of Malaysia. Under his residency as well, the association had the choice to meet into a couple of capabilities, for instance, Bodyguard, Armed Guard, Cash In Transit, and IT Security. While age doesn’t have all the earmarks of being a deterrent for him, the association is currently prepared to stay aware of its consistency of headway. With present-day ways to deal with the exercises division under his organization, the possible destiny of the association looks awe inspiring.

Association Vision:
ISO Hitec is remarkable as a security association approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) that ought to assist the public authority with staying aware of quietness, congruity climate, and the prosperity of this country other than searching for business open doors and proposition an opportunity to whom that captivated to participate in this kind of industry.