We’ve been impressed with BullGuard Premium Protection over the years, and it’s even better now. It’s the company’s flagship product which means you get all the features including a home network scanner (to seek out any vulnerabilities in your IoT devices), cloud backup, a secure web browser, and comprehensive identity protection. The Secure Browser is new for the 2020 version, and identity protection has been beefed up with searches on many more websites, plus it’s now available in 13 countries.

What is BullGuard Premium Protection?

BullGuard is the foundation of security for IoT devices. It protects your device from all attacks and threats, including network attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, remote access attacks, and other forms of malicious software. The 2020 version has received a lot of positive reviews, especially for its features and protection. Many users are now using the product as a home network manager, and others are using it as a full-time work persona.

How does it work?

The security framework in IoT devices is based on applications, so if you choose to connect your IoT device to an application, it’s possible for an attacker to infiltrate your network and steal sensitive data. To keep hackers from accessing your network, you need to couple the system with an application like WEP (Wired Equation Programmable) or WPA (Wireless Advanced Protection). These are generally implemented as authentication protocols and allow you to provide a random number as the key, and validate the user against a list of approved credentials.

Home Network Scanners

Home network scanners are great for finding vulnerabilities in your home network and connecting it to a remote internet connection. However, they’re not designed to be used as a full-time monitoring solution. You need a home network security solution that provides real-time updates, provides you with real-time notifications and gives you access to data whenever you need it. That is the core of the 2020 model’s home network scanners. You can choose between three model types:
HomeScan—This is the most basic model, and it comes with a password-less interface, none of the fancy configurations or features you need to keep an eye on your network and devices. HomeLink—This is a home automation device, and it has access to your internet through a home network connection. HomeShield—This is ideal for businesses that need to monitor and manage their network but doesn’t want to deal with manually entering passwords and credentials every time someone uses an IoT device.

Features and interface

The HomeLink model comes with an integrated Wi-Fi dongle that allows you to connect it to the internet, and features a full-featured smartphone app to control it. It also comes with a built-in remote management function. You can choose between a manual or automatic setting, with manual access allowing you to choose which devices you want to connect and when. The app turns on/off any connected devices as needed, and allows you to manage other features such as network connectivity and access control.
Like most home security products, the Secure Browser is designed to be user-friendly. That means it has easy to use features and allows for centralized management of multiple devices through a dashboard. The dashboard can be used to manage access control, manage devices, view device information, create trouble tickets, add and remove users from the dashboard, and more. The dashboard can be personalized with different visualizations which helps show users what they should be concerned about, as well as what actions need to be taken next. This can make the dashboard even more user-friendly and allow for search functionality.

BullGuard mobile security

This year, the company focused its efforts on making the most of its digital identity protection offerings. It created a dedicated mobile app for each of its products, letting you manage your devices and set up alerts for them. You can also access your account information from the app, and can request more information or make a full-blown request if needed. You’ll find that most companies are still using their traditional mobile app and web browser, so they provide a good service while providing plenty of features and benefits.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup offers the best protection against hackers and cybercriminals, as it aims to protect your entire network, rather than just your computers. It takes all your data, including your contacts, calendar events, and texts, and puts it all in one place. You can easily restore your data at a later date if needed.
Cloud backup is a feature that almost every mobile device has, and the Secure Browser is no exception. It offers you a cloud-based backup facility that enables you to restore your device from any file or without the need for a new operating system. A good backup solution should allow for easy management of multiple devices, and the Cloud Backup service on the Secure Browser provides that. You can issue backup requests to the cloud, which means you don’t have to take any action if an issue occurs.

Secure Web Browsing

This is ideal for people who have limited Internet access, as it makes accessing websites and apps from a computer or laptop extremely limited. With Secure Web Browsing, you can expect to be able to visit many sites and access many apps for free. You can also expect to find that most websites are accessible from your computer, but you may have to scroll down when you want to go more in-depth. With this feature, you can expect to find functions such as authentication, access management, and more.

Identity Protection

Identity protection is the next logical step after cloud backup, as it aims to keep your private information safe and secure. It’s ideal for businesses, as it provides them with a complete picture of who is accessing their networks, as well as their internal communications. You can expect to see increased security with the release of the new device, as it has been designed to be fully accessible when needed. It also comes with easy-to-use management features such as management of your device’s private data and managing access restrictions.

Benefits of BullGuard Premium Protection

The benefits of BullGuard Premium Protection are many, but the most important one is the level of protection it provides. In order for an attacker to access your network, they need direct access to your computer. To keep hackers and threats at bay, you need to make sure you are keeping your computer hardware and software up to date. You also need to make sure you are using a high-quality antivirus and firewall program.

Final Words

Despite what you might have gathered from the looks of it, the 2020 model of BullGuard Protection is one of the most secure products on the market. This is mainly thanks to the included Home network scanners and the cloud backup feature. If you have been struggling to keep your devices secure, then this is the product for you.